Wolfforth Appliance Service
  Wolfforth Appliance Service is independantly owned, and operated by Earl Bates, the working manager. 

   Earl, is also, a Veteran of the US Air Force, and has 4 years as an electrician, apprenticeship served, at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, "just 36 miles north" of Amarillo.

   He then, joined the US Air Force, and has a background in "Aviation Electronics" Technician.

   After that, he became a "muliti-faceted" customer service representative, and was sent to many Manufacturer's Trade Schools, during "on-the-job" training, and classroom settings.  Earl also, has certification in handling refrigerants, and EPA licensing.

   Earl, has previous management experience in the service industry.  Earl, has over the years, turned out to be a non-smoke, and a non-drink/drug, type of guy, and very serious about doing the job right.

   Earl usually, will follow up on every job with a courtesy call, telephone call, to make sure its working, to your expectations, just in case.

   "Earl, has come a long ways, over the years" and has "good well-rounded experience" behind him.
Earl, has previous work experience with major Appliance Manufacturers, and local companies including the following:
* Coca-Cola Bottling Company
* Bitman's Household Supply Company
* A & B Central Service
* Montgomery Wards (Signature)
* A-Action Appliance
* GE Factory Service (RCA)
* Sears (Kenmore)
Wolfforth Appliance Service